Private Napa Wine Tours From San Francisco
Napa Private Wine Tours and San Francisco Private Tours

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See it all from above during a Napa and San Francisco Helicopter Tour. Allow Bin 415 to host you on an all encompassing travel experience, providing a unique view of Northern California from both the land and the sky.  We provide a seamless day from start to finish in a luxury vehicle and a San Francisco or Napa Helicopter Wine Tour.  This will be paired with an aerial tour in either a helicopter or Cessna airplane, with bubbles in hand while in flight. We look forward to extending these unparalleled experiences and service to you. Please find descriptions of our various Cessna and Helicopter Tours below.


Michael Lagau
Certified Sommelier (ok cool guy)

Esme’s dad (he will let you know about it), Verified Pointer-at-Things


I am a Bay Area native who has been working in luxury hospitality for the last 20 years. In 2010, I became a Level 2 Certified Sommelier (through The Court of Masters Sommeliers). I fell in love with wine in 2001, while managing a small wine bar in La Jolla, Ca. After discovering the amazing diversity in wines, I was hooked! 

I developed my passion for personalized service while working in Michelin star restaurants and top rated hotels, such as The Four Seasons and The Fairmont. I've also had the privilege of working with talented chefs such as Huber Keller (Fleur de Lys) and Daniel Patterson (Coi) which is where I honed my wine and food pairing skills. I'm now dedicated full time to pairing guests with the perfect wineries. I have been coming up to Napa and Sonoma since 1997. I absolutely love bringing people to my favorite places here in Wine Country, special places that I would bring my family and close friends.

I love sharing my knowledge of San Francisco and the diverse surround areas. Whether locally in San Francisco, Wine Country, or the Pacific Coast Highway. I look forward to creating that special and memorable day for you. 


Paige Fields
Personal Concierge

Verified Laugher


I've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area my entire life. I started my career in the high-end restaurant industry in my early 20's. Having mastered the art of multi-tasking and providing excellent customer service under pressure in these high-end environments, I eventually transitioned my skills over to the hospitality industry as a Concierge.

For over a decade I've worked as a Concierge at Starwood and Kimpton hotels with the last six years of those at the world renowned Four Seasons in San Francisco. I have since created a network within San Francisco and beyond, one in particular being Michael Lagau, owner of Bin 415

During my time at the Four Seasons, so many guests looked for assistance in visiting the Wine Country. My top suggestion was always to visit the valley with Bin 415. Guests consistently returned to the hotel after their tour commenting that their time with Bin 415 was best part of their visit. 

Allow me to use my experiences to connect you with all that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. I look forward to being your go-to personal Concierge for this fine city.


Codename: Glasses Malone

ex-Navy SEAL, Freelance Hitman, An all-around “nice lady”


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