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What to Expect

We believe some of the best views of San Francisco are outside of the city, so all tours bring guests across the Golden Gate bridge to the Marin Headlands for a different perspective. Once they’re on the northern side of the bridge, our guides introduce guests to the seaside city of Sausalito and offer to extend the tour with a stop at the towering redwoods of Muir Woods National Monument. 


“So great! When you ask 4 people what to see in San Francisco, you get 16 answers. Bin 415 was able to take us all over the City!”

—L. Murphy (TripAdvisor)


Your Personal Tour Guide of San Francisco

Because Bin 415 guides are all locals, our tours include other off-beat stops that are completely tailored to guest interests. If our guests like coffee, we’ll incorporate visits to some of the city’s best independent coffee shops. If our guests prefer beer, we’ll spend time at one or two craft breweries. Many of our guides have relationships with local wine bars and can work in a stop at one or two of those, as well.  Think of us as your San Francisco travel agency.

Above all else, our private tours of San Francisco work to highlight the personalities of each different neighborhood and show guests how all the parts of this glorious city come together to make it what it is today.